Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between tap water and filtered water?

The main problem with tap water is the chlorine, lead, cysts, pesticides, sediment, rust and other contaminants that travel into it. Filtered water removes the impurities from your tap water giving you pure clean fresh drinking water.

Which type of water treatment product should I purchase?

Once you know what is in your water, then you can better determine what you want to remove. This is accomplished through a water analysis (check your TDS and chlorine levels). Next investigate and learn about what type of systems are available to address your specific needs at Envirox Water.

Is there any maintenance involved in my water filter and how often is maintenance required?

Yes, maintenance is required. We recommend that you service the water filter every 6-12 months (cartridge dependent) or as indicated on the smart water reader to retain effectiveness over time ensuring that the quality of your filtered water remains clean and pure.

What is involved in a Service?

Flushing and sterilizing the filter and replacing your old cartridges with new ones. Takes less than 20 minutes for a service. No servicing of the main unit is required, although, replacing the used cartridges is a must. Flushing required only when not in use for 3 consecutive days (to remove impurities that have settled in the cartridges).

Is there any cost involved in servicing my water filter?

Yes, there is a standard call-out and labour charge plus you will be required to pay for the replacement cartridges. Our cartridges are easily replaced with a simple guide to instruct you.

Shipping Schedule: If I order your system today, when do you ship?

Depending on your location, you’ll receive the shipment in 2-5 days via our courier, Dawn Wing. Faster service and international shipping are also available.

Location of System: where can I put this system? In the kitchen?

Typically, our systems are installed in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Our systems are quite slim so they can usually fit inside any cabinet, from the existing water supply through a T-join into the system. Please note that our systems come with enough piping for a standard installation.

Easy Installation: Can I install this myself? What if I am unable to?

Our systems are DIY, Do-It-Yourself, units that come with detailed manuals and instructions and are very easy to install. Most of our customers (95%) have successfully installed our systems themselves without any professional help. However, if you really cannot, or are intimidated by the task, just contact us for installation fees.

Buying filters: Do I have to buy replacement filters directly from Envirox Water?

Yes, as a leading provider of Honeywell Water filters and cartridges, we recommend that you buy replacement filters from us whenever possible, because we carry the original filters made for our systems, therefore other brands will not work with our systems. For your convenience, we offer filter reminder emails/sms’s making re-ordering filters online fast and simple.

How do I find the part number I need?

If the part number you need is for a replacement cartridge, it is located on the cartridge’s label and is usually at the back. If you are unable to find the part number, kindly email us at or call our technical support number at (0)10 590 5969.

How often should I change my cartridges?

In order for our filters to perform as represented and to provide the best quality water possible, it is essential that filters be replaced periodically. We recommend replacing your filter cartridge when capacity is reached/indicated through the smart water faucet. The frequency of filter changes depends upon your water quality and your water usage. For example, if there is a lot of sediment and/or particles in your water, you will have to change your filters more frequently than someone whose water has little or no sediment. Be sure to replace your filters whenever you notice a decline in the performance, whether it is a drop in flow rate and/or as indicated through the smart water faucet.

Why do cartridges have to be flushed when first installed?

All carbon-based filters need to be flushed to remove any excess carbon fines that are inside the cartridges. New cartridges are filled with air; therefore, flushing also removes the air from inside the cartridges and replaces it with water. The flushing process will allow any carbon-based cartridge to function at optimum levels without affecting any equipment that may be attached.

Can I return my Honeywell product that I purchased online?

Honeywell systems and cartridges purchased directly from Envirox Water’s official website may be returned to Envirox Water as long as the following requirements are met:

  • The system/cartridge must be in its original carton and packaging.
  • The system/cartridge must be unused and in a saleable condition.
  • Proof of purchase is required.

If you decide to return your purchase, you must first contact Envirox Water Customer Care at (0)10 590 5969 for returned product unrelated to a warranty claim. If your return is warranty related, Envirox Water will pay return shipping charges; if your return is not warranty related, you are responsible for shipping costs. See our disclaimer online at Envirox Water.

What is a reverse osmosis system?

Reverse osmosis systems produce pure water by forcing treated water or tap water through a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane only lets water molecules pass through, the impurities that are separated from the water molecules are then held back in the filter membrane. Our system consists of both pre- and post-filters which add additional contaminant removal.